Internal Mobility


Today, most organizations have effective corporate computer systems which substantially assist their head office staff and contribute to overall productivity, customer service, accuracy and responsiveness.

So why not extend IT excellence beyond the four walls to key front line personnel operating at the coal face and activity hot spot.

Exchanging real time data over high speed Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN) is now faster and cheaper, subsequently the thirst to access data ‘anywhere’ via mobile applications has exploded. Many of us have signed on the screen of a courier’s mobile computer to (electronically) confirm receipt of a parcel or ordered a meal via our waiters PDA. Like the mobile phone, the internet and Auto Teller Machines (ATM), mobility solutions are becoming a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. The revolution is here now.

PULSE.Mobility applications deliver information to the point of activity, maximizing the efficiency and productivity of the field force. Whether it’s your driver capturing your customer’s signature on glass for electronic Proof of Delivery (e-POD) or a field technician checking to see if a spare part is in stock, we have the application. PULSE.Mobility offers out of the box solutions or a fully customized solution to meet your unique business process.

 Mobility  When required, our solutions can seamlessly integrate with your business systems including:
  • SAP
  • Siebel
  • Oracle
  • Maximo
  • MRO
  • JD Edwards
  • & many others

Consider, for example, the range of advantages that PULSE.Mobility will provide field sales representatives;

  • Sales staff can immediately check price and stock availability.
  • e-Price books can be effortlessly updated simply by logging on.
  • Orders can be immediately placed on-line thus speeding order turnaround.
  • Stock records will be immediately updated.
  • Error prone and time consuming paperwork is eliminated.
  • Debtors can similarly be updated much sooner. Or the mobile computer can be used to authorise and take credit card payments. Either option significantly improving debtors days outstanding.
  • Sales reporting is more timely and is effectively automated and streamlined.
  • Customer service is substantially enhanced leading to greater competitive advantage.
  • Sales force productivity is increased.
  • Back office administrative workloads are reduced to a minimum.


Similarly with the benefits that PULSE.Mobility will bring to the field technician;

  • Work schedules and instructions can be automatically sent to staff without the need for manual handling and re-handling.
  • Staff can instantaneously check on the availability, and order required spare parts.
  • Quotations can be meticulously and automatically generated on the spot as can costs for work completed.
  • Debtors can again be updated much sooner. Or the mobile computer can be used to authorise and take credit card payments for work carried out. Thereby significantly reducing debtors days outstanding and improving cash flow.
  • Error prone and time consuming paperwork is eliminated.
  • Staff activity, performance and KPIs can be managed in real time.
  • Service staff productivity is substantially improved.
  • Service levels are markedly enhanced contributing to customer loyalty and competitive advantage.
  • Back office administrative workloads are reduced to a minimum.

In addition to field sales and field service applications, PULSE.Mobility is also ideally suited to:

  • e-POD & Trace and Track
  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Waste Management
  • Asset Management
  • Time & Attendance
  • Facilities Management
  • Route Accounting
  • Van Sales
  • Mobile Stocktake


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