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Following the lead set by major retailers – beginning in the 90s – a great many other industries, including those of the automotive, FMCG and pharmaceutical worlds, are now demanding that that their suppliers implement EDI and other e-business technologies.

The argument being that ‘to go on doing business with us you must do things our way’. This, of course, makes very real sense to them. Delivering, as it does, productivity gains and cost savings. And as they are already equipped with all the necessary IT, it is something that essentially costs them nothing.

 PULSE  But that’s not necessarily the case for suppliers. For them, implementing such initiatives is generally not without pain. First and foremost is the valid concern that implementing such an initiative may well add to operating costs and overheads. There is the question of how processes need to be changed to affect what is being demanded. And what changes to other systems are required. And even what EDI solution to select. Hence the very valid question “our major customers are demanding we implement EDI scan packing, but what the heck is in it for us?”

One commonly held view, to which we certainly subscribe, is that the answer to that question is “very little … if all you do is simply install a limited stand-alone EDI solution”. At days end, this may well meet basic customer demands. But on your part it will require added work, and additional costs. And it will definitely do nothing to enhance your efficiency, accuracy, and overall operational effectiveness. And that’s because, again to our way of thinking, EDI (and any other e-business applications for that matter) can only start working for you when it is fully embedded as part and parcel of an advanced warehouse management system.

Which is precisely why we introduced PULSE.EDI a feature rich and fully comprehensive scan packing solution. One that will more than meet the immediate demands of your trading partners. But one that is also totally integrated with a WMS that is at the forefront of industry standards and best practice.

From the EDI scan packing perspective, PULSE.EDI will:

  • Fully meet the demands of your EDI trading partners
  • Allow you to offer customers e-business facilities beyond their immediate requirements, thus adding to your competitive advantage
  • Effectively manage the electronic handling of invoices, ASN dispatch advice, sales forecasts, purchase orders, purchase order change requests and receipt advices
  • Eliminate errors by removing the need for repetitive re-keying of customer transaction data from original order through to final delivery
  • Reduce clerical work and associated costs
  • Automatically generate ASN and SSCC label requirements
  • Reduce credit claims by increased picking accuracy
  • Reduce payment cycle due to error free transactions

But as part of an overall SCM application, your total PULSE solution will also deliver a wide and potent range of other well documented benefits including:

  • Inventory accuracy (by location) of 99.98%
  • Reductions in inventory levels of up to 15%.
  • Vastly increased customer service levels.
  • Reductions in warehouse space requirements by 10-30%.
  • Reductions in warehouse error rates to 0.1% or less
  • Reduction of “customer reported” warehouse errors to zero
  • Full stocktakes down from a full weekend to a day or eliminated by the use of cycle counting
  • Product recall handled “quietly” and quickly
  • Effective and totally up to the moment control of all raw materials, components, WIP and finished goods stocks in the manufacturing environment.

PULSE.EDI PULSE Logistics Systems

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