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Voice Picking - Productivity. Accuracy. Fast Order Response.

Voice picking and other voice directed work flow and warehouse operations are now establishing their pedigree and position in a great many distribution centres globally.

So Why PULSE.Voice Picking?

Voice Picking is an extension of what PULSE have successfully provided for many years. PULSE have been revolutionising the way business is done in Warehouses and DC’s around the world through a 3 pronged approach combining technology, software and people which has proven to be a recipe for success. PULSE.Voice picking now provides another weapon to increase efficiency and reduce often increasing and out of control operating costs.

Our partnership with Vocollect, recognised as the leading supplier of voice technology, means that PULSE can deliver the very best voice picking solutions on offer in the market today. Some of the key features and highlights include:

  • Speaker Dependent Architecture for superior Recognition Speed & Recognition Accuracy
  • BlueStreak™ Recognition Engine
  • Designed to operate in High Noise Environments
  • Recognition is performed onboard to increase performance and eliminates latency and delays
  Voice Picking

Overview – With Voice Picking It’s Eyes-free & Hands-free

The PULSE.Voice picking solution equips operational staff with proven, ruggedized and lightweight mobile computers, headsets and microphones. Communication is via Radio Frequency that links the devices to the Warehouse Management System or ERP System. The voice computer then interacts, in real-time, with the WMS and using simple audible commands, guides the operator through the tasks they are to perform – based on the pool of work to be done and assigned according to highest priority.

In return, the operator can verbally confirm when a task or action has been completed and can request confirmation and more work. As such, the operator works eyes-free and hands-free and can carry out their work without having to look down at a hand held computer screen or a paper worksheet.

Voice Picking … Fully Integrated With The PULSE.WMS, Or Your ERP System, We Guarantee The Results.

PULSE provides an end-to-end solution and can deliver your voice picking solution with the PULSE.WMS or as an integrated solution with your existing WMS or ERP System. Our integration specialist will work directly with your IT staff to achieve a guaranteed result.

 Voice picking 

But Voice Picking Is Only Scratching The Surface.

With PULSE.Voice, voice directed picking is a highly productive and safe method of working. However, voice directed work flow technology can also be applied to achieve superior performance in other areas. So aside from picking, other voice directed work flow applications include:
  • Receiving
  • Put Away
  • Replenishments
  • Transfers
  • Despatch
  • Cross Dock
  • & many others

Voice Picking With A Choice of Hardware Platforms.

PULSE.Voice offers the flexibility of multiple hardware platforms to satisfy tasks which may require additional functionality, such as barcode scanning of batch numbers, expiry dates and serial numbers. All devices can access the same bullet proof voice infrastructure. PULSE.Voice hardware options include the feature rich Vocollect Talkman TX™ terminals or market leading Mobile Computers supporting the Windows Mobile OS™.

Voice Picking’s Outstanding Benefits & Quick Returns on Investment:

  • Warehouse productivity improvement of up to 15 percent over traditional RF systems.
  • Improved picking accuracy of up to 99.9 percent.
  • Enhanced warehouse safety given the ‘eyes-free’ and ‘hands-free’ nature of Voice directed systems.
  • Faster order turnaround.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Vastly reduced training times – by as much as half – as staff are using speech - the most natural form of communication
  Voice Picking

Voice Picking. PULSE.VOICE PULSE Logistics Systems


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