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No other Warehouse management system drives e-business like e.PULSE.

Most organizations are focused on cost reduction and enhancing the ‘customer experience’, but many fail to seize upon low hanging fruit, such as empowering their trading partners to conduct business over the net…

What is e.PULSE and what can it do for my business?

E-Commerce, B2B, and B2C are all applicable descriptions of e.PULSE. Simply put, e.PULSE is an enabling technology to provide your trading partners with 24x7 visibilility via a window into your systems that allows them to interact with your company over the internet. 

e.PULSE incorporates the latest web and database technologies and is offered as an ASP or SaaS pricing model for ease of entry. 

e.PULSE is much more than just online ordering or a shopping cart, although it does this as well. e.PULSE is integrated with the PULSE.WMS warehouse management system to reduce the need for human intervention.   


Do you want your customers or sales representatives to order on line?

If your customer service is bogged down by illegible fax’s and constant phone calls, as well as the time consuming task of keying orders into a business system, then give them the tools to save YOU money and increase customer service. e.PULSE will reduce stress on customer service staff, and provide real time information to your customers with facilities such as:

  • On-line customer order entry
  • Real-time stock status / enquiry
  • Client / customer stock movement enquiry
  • Client / customer order status / enquiry
  • Supplier purchase order receipt / enquiry  

How many companies do I have to deal with?

Just one! PULSE Logistics Systems PULSE provides and supports everything for your e.PULSE solution including hardware.

Is e.PULSE a Warehouse Management System?

e-PULSE extends the PULSE.WMS to provide real time 24x7 access to data for customers and suppliers. It can be deployed for:

  • On-line ordering via the web, and used in conjunction with hand held mobile devices
  • On-line stock status / enquiry
  • On-line receiving, if you are operating other sites where you require inventory visibility
  • On-line order status / enquiry with links to your preferred carrier for track and trace.

Can I use RF devices for scanning stock, receipts, etc?
Yes, we have customers who scan products in and out of inventory using e.PULSE.

Can e.PULSE be personalized to look and feel like our existing corporate website?
Yes, we can personalize e.PULSE with the look and feel of an existing corporate website and provide a web link to access e.PULSE from your existing website.


Stock Enquiry
For any specific SKU, look up stock enquiries (on-hand, allocated and available) and product attributes (eg ‘use-by’ date, production date, batch number, lot number etc.)

 e-PULSE Stock Enquiry


Purchase Order Receipts
Stock can be received into the system by remote users

 Purchase Order Receiving


Order Entry
Enter customer orders over the web.

Order Entry


Customer Order Enquiry
Look up the details of any sales orders (both current and completed) that have been entered in the e-PULSE system. 

  Purchase Order Enquiry


Thinking Third Party Warehouse Management?

No other Warehouse Management System understands Third Party Logistics like PULSE.3PL

Talk to a PULSE account manager for more information on this powerful product and see how you can apply it in your business or click here for more information.


e.PULSE PULSE Logistics Systems


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