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Optimised Packaging, Pallet and Container Loading

Some 20 years experience providing potent solutions for a key range of logistics challenges - in the arenas of packaging, palletisation and containerisation - is now distilled into the PalletManager and CargoManager systems.

These two innovative software tools that demonstrably reduce packaging, storage, and transportation costs and make for far superior use of key logistics resources.

Benefits that are clearly attested to by current user experiences which include the following;

Arden Fine Foods, a UK based SME import quality foods from Europe (especially Italy and France) and use PalletManager to produce palletisation specifications for products that they supply to multiples including Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda.

"Not only has it enabled us to make maximal use of warehousing and transportation but in doing so it has provided us with an effective control system to our customers. The software is powerful yet easy to use, and as well as providing effective numeric output also provides powerful and effective graphics suitable for use by a wide range of staff."

"PalletManager has been an absolute boon to our company and I think it would be an extremely useful tool to any company involved in storage and distribution, either directly or indirectly." Jon Barlow, Commercial Manager, Arden Fine Foods

  Fine Food Imports


Mookie Toys produce a wide range of activity toys for the UK and International market place. PalletManager is used to determine optimal pallet utilisation and produce specifications for companies such as Argos, Woolworth and Tesco.

"The software is easy to use and reliable in operation. We currently hold over 2000 product specifications in the system and have made some major savings on palletisation and packaging costs. On our Swingball product alone an annual saving of around £25,000 has been achieved."

"PalletManager enabled us to save £25,000 / year in distribution costs on just one of our hundreds of product lines." Distribution Department, Mookie Toys.


 PULSE General Domestic Appliances use CargoManager for planning container loads of mixed products.

"Before using CargoManager it might take 90 minutes to create / check a container load - now that can done in 5 minutes - and one is not especially concerned when a customer changes their order at the last minute as the order can be quickly recalled and modified as required. The software has given the department back the extra man-hours for supporting business development. I wish you continued success in the future."

"CargoManager is extremely useful and user friendly ... In many cases it has reduced load build time from over an hour to just a few minutes"... Export Department, General Domestic Appliances


"PalletManager is a superb product and provides us with an effective and reliable tool in providing companies such as Asda and B&Q with palletisation reports." Logistics, Primeur Ltd.


TDG Logistics use CargoManager to determine the loading of between 60 and 80 trailers / day of metal components into the Honda plant in Swindon. "Data from our weekly operational build plan is downloaded into CargoManager in order to determine trailer allocations. It has produced savings of up to 20% through improved load utilisation and savings in staff time."

"CargoManager is a vital component in our supply planning of up to 80 trailers / day into the Honda plant in Swindon. Vehicle utilisation has been enhanced and the time taken for planning dramatically reduced." Operations Planning Manager, TDG Swindon.


Arjo Wiggins use CargoManager at several European locations to plan export loads of mixed paper products.

"We use it several times daily for mixed loads to the Middle East which might comprise of anything between 2 and 40 containers / shipment. The software can do in 10 minutes what it might take a manual planner a day or more to do."

"CargoManager is used to plan loads and check stows of mixed products. It does in 10 minutes what could take a human nearly a day and feeds our work mix and pricing systems". Export Department, Arjo Wiggins.


"PalletManager has cut 4% off our packaging costs this last year and is on target to save us 10% over a 3 year period." Major UK foods company.


Gallaher International use CargoManager in planning and quotations for exports of mixed loads in 20' and 40' containers.

"A consignment might typically consist of between 1000 and 2500 items made up of between 2 and 12 different products. It is an extremely useful tool - an absolute boon in load planning."

"CargoManager is an extremely useful tool - an absolute boon in load planning." Shipping Manager, Gallaher


The Irish Dairy Board use CargoManager to plan consignments of mixed loads.

"Where CargoManager comes into its own from our point of view is in the preparation of pro-forma invoices for our customers who wish to open Letters of Credit for an exact quantity and value. We can now process more quickly an order from our customers with a list of mixed products and carton sizes. CargoManager has helped streamline our operations and achieve significant reductions in our freight costs."

"CargoManager has helped streamline our mixed container loadings and the financial saving made by utilising all the available space have helped us increase our average payload and reduce out freight costs." Export Department, Irish Dairy Board.  



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