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Cargo Manager

 Cargo Manager

Solves container loading and vehicle loading problems and delivers major time & money savings

The innovative CargoManager system is a specialist software tool that potently helps organizations reduce their packaging, storage and transportation costs as a result of better resource use throughout the supply chain.

The powerful yet simple to use CargoManager system helps maximize space utilization in a freight container, trailer or pallet … indeed in any rectangular based enclosure. Its widespread user application shows the system will deliver major cost savings across a diverse range of products and industries. 

It produces single or multiple load plans and naturally caters for a wide spectrum of practical loading constraints – including the loading of heavy items, pallets, fragile goods and so on, into single or multiple containers. Users include Guinness UDV, Hotpoint, TDHG Logistics, Arjo Wiggins, Fellowes and Meyer Prestige.


Key Capabilities

  • Provides a rapid and accurate tool for order enquiry response. For example: “How much more of product-A can be loaded?” Which container/trailer size is most suited to a specific cargo set?”
  • Eliminates unnecessary waste of fuel and materials, thereby reducing storage and transportation costs
  • Saves transportation costs as a result of more efficient cube utilization
  • Alleviates the tedium of repetitive manual calculations and removes the risk that the specified cargo does not fit
  • Provides warehouse staff with diagrams and load lists showing how a container should be loaded
  • Provides a natural link between product design, warehousing and distribution functions



    Key Software Features

  • Easy to use windows applicationwith a logical and well proven solution sequence
  • Unique solution techniques meeting practical needs (eg priorities, fragility, multi-container loads) well proven in user companies worldwide
  • Quick and easy data entry (from keyboard or file) and storage, together with rapid solution calculation and display
  • User selection of both 2D and 3D loading reports (screen and printer and to email) to the level of detail required for the specific situation in question
  • User access to a fully customizable range of packing control parameters
  • On line help and full on line manual
  • User configurable language options
  • User oriented support teams ongoing support services



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