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Stocktake and Data Capture Solution


Are your products barcoded, but you’re not using scanning to collect the data?
Replace your manual system with PULSE.Stocktake today. 

Much, much more than just Stocktake. You can also:

  • Record Stock RECEIPTS

  • Manage Stock TRANSFERS

  • Verify correct Shelf PRICES.
    Gone are those manual stocktake or transfer sheets......  

Just scan, count and upload!

Reduce Costs, Increase efficiency 

The MyStore user interface makes stocktake a breeze

Many organisations have been driven to implement barcoding systems in the front end of their operations. Usually in the form of retail Point of Sale systems equipped with barcode scanners.

However, other business silos, such as the warehouse, have to get the job done with labour intensive paper worksheets, pen and a clipboard.

PULSE.Stocktake provides you with the opportunity to replace the clipboard with barcoding and data capture.

Key Features of PULSE.Stocktake
  • PULSE.Stocktake can operate with or without an item data file from the host system (refer Data Exchange).
  • Item Notification – Items not recognized by PULSE.Stocktake are flagged and reported.
  • Configurable file export formats to cater for different back office/host systems.
  • Includes powerful connection software to configure and manage the system
  • Includes User Manual and Quick Setup Guide.
  • Stocktake, Receiving, Transfers and Price Check
  • Preloaded with application software
  • No integration required
  • Cradle and charging cables included
  • Low Cost
  • Ready to use out of the box

Mobile Computer - Features

  • PULSE.Stocktake is deployed on a range of Motorola (formally Symbol Technologies) Mobile/Handheld computers.
  • Microsoft windows CE or Mobile platform.
  • High speed Intel X-Scale processor.
  • Simplified large keypad for ease of use.
  • Large display.
  • Ruggedized enterprise device.
  • Lightweight ergonomic form factor
  • Optional SD Card for extended memory capability.
 Everything you need to get started comes with MyStore Lite 

 Your Stocktake all managed through an intuitive interface

Integrated Data Exchange

PULSE.Stocktake includes powerful connection software to configure the solution to exchange 2 way data between a host system and your data collection device (mobile computer).

PULSE.Stocktake supports the following data files which can be exported from a host system and then imported by your Mobile Computer:

  • Item file

  • Barcode file

  • Location file

Once you have imported the data from your host system to the mobile computer any data scanned (collected) can be verified for accuracy.

PULSE.Stocktake can present the captured information to the back office/host system in a variety of formats. The ‘export’ process can be customized to produce files in formats that most back office systems can process. eg. ASCII, CSV or TXT. Import files into MS EXCEL or other software.

PULSE.Stocktake can also be fully integrated into your back office system if required.

Talk to a PULSE account manager for more information on this powerful product and see how you can apply it in your business or click here for more information.