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No other Warehouse Management System Understands Third Party Logistics like PULSE-3PL 

Tailored solutions for your third party logistics supply chain


PULSE Logistics Systems is an Australian company which has since the early 1990s singularly focused on the design, development, and implementation of advanced Supply Chain Management systems.

PULSE.3PL is an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed from the ground up to meet the specific requirements of third party logistics operators. It is a system that has been developed through many years of front line operational service with a diverse range of leading 3PL companies.

PULSE Logistics Systems


It is a system that has evolved over many years of front line operational service with a diverse range of leading 3PL companies.And, as such, it is the WMS that most clearly understands the exacting demands of contract warehousing and those organization’s clients.

For instance – and before it does anything else – PULSE-3PL sets out to deliver exceptional operational economies.This in response to the highly competitive and price sensitive nature of the 3PL business in most international locales.

But the system also clearly recognizes that being able to offer the ‘right price’ is simply the starting point in winning, effectively servicing, and retaining client business.

PULSE.3PL potently helps the 3PL operator:

  • Achieve substantial operating cost savings.
  • Deliver maximum client service through rapid order turnaround times and error free performance.
  • Integrate with your clients IT systems.
  • Cater for clients’ fast growing e-business logistics requirements.
  • Maintain higher client retention levels.
  • Provide a greater range of revenue earning value added services – such as bill of materials handling and kitting work for clients.
  • Streamlining administration – including automated quotation preparation and automated and fully detailed client billing/invoicing.


3PLs typically suffer from revenue leakage due to the fact they fail to capture value added (billable) services and processes performed on the shop floor. This is not unexpected when warehouse storeman are not equipped with the tools to capture processes in real time as they are delivered. PULSE.3PL provides a feature rich solution to ensure that the unique requirements of any individual customer or product can be effectively managed and accurately invoiced. PULSE.3PL provides the following capabilities: 

  • Integrates with clients existing IT systems – which may well include sales order processing, ERP, manufacturing, freight management and export documentation applications among others.
  • Receive data from and return data to its clients in the way that those organizations wish. And that can span anything from traditional paper based communications, through the use of EDI to the use of the Web.
  • Fully meet individual client picking, packing and labelling demands of the clients’ own customers.
  • Comply with all GS1 and UCC international labelling standards.
  • Manage client product by any requested criteria such as shelf life, serial number, batch number, lot number, or production date.
  • Effectively assist in product recall.
  • Contribute to the security needs for high value products, or those such as drugs, where strict control of those areas in which product is stored and those staff able to handle it, is mandatory.
  • Cater for clients’ extreme requirements as well as their normal day-to-day business activities. These possibly including such things as new product launches, high volume product promotion campaigns and unplanned or seasonal peak order levels.
  • Automatically handle the unique requirements demanded by different products.
  • Provide fully integrated EDI Scan Packing to support pick and pack in a single operation.
  • Manage ‘client stock ownership’ that clearly defines who owns what stock, even if certain common stock items (SKUs) are owned by multiple clients.
  • Provide a detailed ‘client profile’ for each and every individual client. This specifies all of the PULSE.3PL facilities and features that are required by each individual client.
  • Cater for any number of clients.
  • Handle any product range and the huge differences in the ways in which different products need to be managed.

PULSE Logistics Systems


PULSE Logistics Systems 


PULSE Logistics Systems


Any advanced warehouse management system will, of course, help its users derive substantial operational cost savings. And PULSE-3PL is certainly a leading achiever in this context.


 PULSE Logistics Systems 

With PULSE-3PL, for instance, users can enjoy:  

  • 10-30 percent greater utilization of existing warehouse space.
  • 30 percent increase in the productivity of warehouse staff and utilization of materials handling equipment.This via automatic work allocation, improved accuracy and reduced clerical / administrative tasks.
  • Reductions in warehouse error rates to 0.1 percent or less.This removing the often considerable costs incurred in rectifying these mistakes and eliminating related penalties that may be imposed under client contracts.
  • Consistently faster turnaround of client sales orders, once again minimizing the likelihood of incurring non-performance penalties.
  • A superior use of transport resources on dispatch of goods by using PULSE’s advanced order selection and load planning functionality.




Completing the facilities offered by PULSE.3PL is its Client Billing and Invoicing module. This delivers an automated and highly accurate capability that streamlines how the 3PL bills each of its clients for the work done. The module is:

  • Client specific so that different clients can be billed in different ways, in line with their individual service contracts.
  • Totally flexible so that any 3PL service can be billed or not billed, dependent on the specific client agreement.
  • Highly automated with the automatic capture of relevant activity based transaction data for all processes managed by PULSE.These are then married to all non-PULSE warehouse activities that are also to be billed.
  • Able to handle a multiplicity of applicable taxes (eg VAT, GST).
  • Fully flexible – for example, allowing any required billing periods eg weekly, fortnightly, monthly.
  • Able to include a range of ‘minimum’ charges. 
  • Able to bill in advance or in arrears.
  • Built to accommodate the invoice design and supporting detailed documentation that is demanded by individual client requirements.
  • Equipped with extensive review and approval capabilities prior to final invoice generation.
  • Able to use its facilities to help automate the production of detailed and high quality quotations.
  • Can be linked to a wide range of other corporate ERP or accounting systems.


More and more traditional clients of 3PL’s have embraced eCommerce and have implemented web based procurement strategies. So it is no surprise that their expectation is to close the loop on the transport and delivery side. In other words, e-procurement must be matched with highly effective e-fulfilment.

Which in turn means that a 3PL company using a WMS that does not deliver an effective e-fulfilment service, may very quickly find that they are no longer even vaguely competitive. Our e.PULSE web portal provides the answer, and when teamed with PULSE.3PL you are well equipped to satisfy even the most demanding client requirements.


Talk to a PULSE account manager for more information on this powerful product and see how you can apply it in your business or click here for more information.




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